How to Photograph Big Products

Photographer Sean Tucker recently posted this video demonstrating how to light and shoot a large product (a chair in this case) in a studio.

Most tutorials about product photography cover smaller products, jewelry and other relatively smaller items. But how do you light a larger product such as a chair, sofa or even a large table? this video is a good demonstration of what to do and Tucker has some tips for those who are just starting and might not have the budget for expensive studio lighting and gear.

On the next parts of this series Tuker promises to show how to edit, retouch, cut your product out onto a white background, and add a drop shadow while in part three he will demonstrate how to recolor your product by sampling a swatch and mapping the target color onto your image.

Part two – editing and retouch


We have looked at product photography in the past many times but mostly for smaller items including: working with an inexpensive lighting setup for shooting a wedding ring and and look at shooting a Rolex Timepiece.

VIA: fstoppers.

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