Nikon D810A – Shooting for the Stars

If you are serious astro-photographer, today is a special day, as Nikon announced the first  full frame DSLR that’s optimized for astrophotography purposes – the Nikon D810A.

The new camera is essentially a normal D810 (review upcoming here on LensVid) with a modified infrared filter, that is especially sensitive to hydrogen alpha light at 656 nm wavelength. The camera also has longer shutter release modes (up to 900 seconds).

The new D810A – the astro-camera


The short  but beautiful video above from Nikon is divided into two parts:

Part I: D810A – The World of Astrophotography (0:01 to 2:26) – includes images captured with the new D810A

Part II: Nikon – The World of Astrophotography (2:27 to 4:50) – created by editing a series of images taken with various Nikon digital cameras using the interval timer setting, to produce a time-lapse movie.

The D810A will reach the market in May 2015 for a price of $3800.

Image sample from the D810A


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