Looking at the World Through the Widest lens Ever Built

How does the world look through the widest full frame lens ever created? The guys at the Danish stroe Photografica ApS had a chance to find out as they connected the old and rare Nikkor fisheye lens 6mm f/2.8 to a modern D4S and shot a short video.

This isn’t the first time that we cover this very unique lens here on LensVid. Last year the guys at the U.K. boutique Nikon store Grays of Westminster shot a video about the lens which was originally introduced back in 1972 (later Ai-S versions came in 1983), only a very small number of this super size super wide angle fish-eye lenses were ever produced.

This 5.2KG behemoth has a whooping 220 degree angle of view (compared to your average 180 degrees most fish-eye lenses has). It is made out of 12 elements and if you are lucky enough to find one online you would have to pay typically anywhere from $80k-$160k, although there seems to be one up for a bid on e-bay by the guys from Photografica for just under 50k EUR or about $62k – at the moment (you can find a little bit more on the history of this unique lens on mir).

The huge Nikon Fisheye Nikkor 2,8/6 mm AI


VIA: popphoto.

Iddo Genuth
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