Manfrotto Redesign Its Famous 055 Tripod and Introduce a New X-PRO 3-WAY Head

Its time for a redesign – Italian manufacturer Manfrotto recently released a new version of two of its popular products – the 055 tripod series and its X-PRO 3-WAY Head.

The new 055 series is 50% more rigid than its predecessor according to Manfrotto and can carry more payload – 9kg (19.8lbs) instead of only (15.4lbs). it has a redesigned Quick Power Lock mechanism which allows extra locking power to the leg locks increasing the stiffness  of the tripod and enable it to support a higher payload. The new mechanism might be stronger but it still designed to allow for a 1 hand operating.

The all new 055 tripod series

manfrotto 055 new series-2

The 055 has series has both Aluminum and Carbon Fibre models in different lengths (with 3 or 4 leg sections). It has an option to place the center column in a 90 degree angles – reaching places other tripods find difficult as well as the option to attach external accessories (see video above).

Attach accessories as you go

manfrotto 055 new series-1

More information on the new 055 series can be found on the manfrotto website.

New locking mechanism

manfrotto 055 new series-3



The second product announced recently is a new version of the popular X-PRO 3-WAY Head. The head has retractable levers for better portability (it is only 13cm x 13.5cm x 13.5cm or 5.1” x 5.3” x 5.3” when folded), made from strong light aluminium (weighs just 1kg, but can carry up to 8kg  or 17.6lbs) and includes full friction controls for the pan and tilt axes that can be set to balance the weight of the camera even when the locking knobs are open.

X-PRO 3-WAY Head – advanced 3-way head

manfrotto X-PRO 3-Way Head new

More information on the new New X-PRO 3-WAY Head can be found on the manfrotto website.

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