Michael Schaefer: Shooting the Moonwalk Over Cathedral Peak

About a year ago American free climber, Dean Potter participated in a National Geographic project called The Man Who Can Fly. As part of this project  Bryan Smith and photographer Michael Schaefer set out to shoot Potter walk in “mid air” as the moon rise over Cathedral Peak in Yosemite National Park behind him.

Non of the images you see are manipulated – the size and position of the moon is just as it were in real life (using a very long telephoto lens). Locating the exact position where to put the camera and the exact time and date to get the full moon precisely in the background was no easy task and Schaefer remarked afterwards that he “went out the night before the shoot with a GPS and lined everything up. Sure enough, the moon rose exactly where I thought it would”.

The stills images from this amazing project were shot by Schaefer from a distance of over a mile using a Canon 5D Mark II and a Canon 800mm lens with a 2X extender (and a different camera and lens from the same position recorded the video as you can see in this behind the scences clip).

This is just one of many amazing video you can find on LensVid’s photographers channel.

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