Beehive Picture Hangers – The Best Way to Hang Your Pictures

If you like taking pictures and printing them, but hate the whole process of hanging the finished pictures – the Beehive Picture Hangers might be the solution that you have been waiting for.

Hanging pictures can be quite annoying. You need to take measurements and make sure that the image you hang is straight (it usually isn’t) and stay straight (it usually won’t). Inventor Herb Bigelow had a cool idea on how you can solve this problem as well as make the hanging process much simpler so he created the Beehive Picture Hanger.

The concept behind the Beehive Picture Hanger is pretty simple – you have two Beehive-looking metal hangers which you connect to your picture frame (small or large – anything up to 30 pounds/14kg should work). The second step is to squeeze the frame into the wall. Small pointers in the frame will make tiny holes in the wall where you need to put in the support pins (they are inserted using a hammer but they don’t go as deep as a screw).

The Beehive Picture Hangers – you can change height easily

Finally you hang the picture and can change the height on each side to make it leveled – pretty cool, isn’t it?

The Beehive Picture Hangers are currently raising money on Kickstarter (looking for $42k goal). The Beehive starts at $5 for a set of hangers for one picture and you can get 9 sets for $25.

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