Kinetic Arm – The Ultimate Rigging Tool Rigging was never easier

The Kinetic Arm is a new Kickstarter project aiming to bring a very unique set of support tools for stop motion creators, animators, and filmmakers who require precise control and manipulation accessories for their work.

The Kinetic Arm project

Eduard Puertas Anfruns is an accomplished stop motion filmmaker, animator, and puppet-maker from Barcelona. Besides his commercial work as a filmmaker and animator, he also runs a successful YouTube channel (we have been subscribers for many years and we highly recommend his content).

Anfruns founded his stop motion animation studio, Citoplasmas, back in 2008. From the very start, he discovered that in order to make his productions he needed to create his own rigging solutions as there were no affordable or specific options to suit his needs.

As the years went by Anfruns also created a special store called kineticarmatures which produces professional stop motion animation armatures, rigs, winders, and motion control accessories designed to help animators and stop motion professionals.

Wanting to take the production to the next level and create the next generation of products, Anfruns developed a new and more robust Kinetic Arm with a better locking mechanism which is the basis for his new Kickstarter project.

The new Kinetic Arm

The Kinetic Arm

The Kinetic Arm features

According to Anfruns the new Kinetic Arm is a versatile rig system designed to hold items or gear in place for product photography, stop motion, or general filmmaking shootings.

The arm is made from two ball and socket joints that allow a 360-degree rotation and for some of its versions it comes with a new type of handle-lock (unlike Anfruns previous designs which always required an Allen key to secure). Each arm is made from 303 stainless steel and is CNC machined for precise fitting and are said to be water-resistant and should be able to undergo rough handling on a daily basis.

Anfruns designed the Kinetic Arm to be able to be used in almost any setup or scenario. It uses the industry-standard 1/4″ 20 thread and 16mm studs that are compatible with all sorts of photo and light equipment. The tips and accessories which come in the more expensive kits (Tier 6/7) are maybe the most interesting.

The Tier 6 and 7 Kinetic Arm kits and accesories

Kinetic Arm kits

These include a block with threads that you can place on a desk to connect the arms a small alligator clamp and other small connectors. Some of these you can buy separately as well. For those looking for the ultimate precision, there are winder mechanisms that use cogwheels to create super accurate and minute linear movements.

Anfruns claims that the Kinetic Arm can hold up to 1 kg although the specific carrying capacity depends on the model and how it is used. While some might see the Kinetic Arm as just another take on the magic arm it is actually the eco-system around it that makes it so interesting for those who need to manipulate all kinds of oddly shaped objects.

The Kinetic Arm system in the studio

Pricing and availability

There are several options on the Kickstarter project at the moment starting from T1 for $37 (for a small kinetic arm) all the way up to T7 for around $630 (for a full deluxe kit with many parts). The arms estimated delivery time is April 2022.

As with all Kickstarter projects, do your own research before backing it up, and remember that Kickstarter is not a store. With that said, Anfruns has been producing and selling these sorts of rigging gear for several years.

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