Bowerbags – the Modular Backpack

A new Kickstarter project aims to bring the first truly modular and user changeable backpack system that might also interest photographers.

Based in Savannah Georgia a team of entrepreneurs created  Bowerbags – a unique carrying system that can be changed quickly and easily to fit the needs of any user – including photographers.

The Bowerbags is a completely modular carrying system that can be customized based on a user lifestyle. The Bowerbags can be easily transformable into a messenger bag, backpack, saddlebag, clutch or fanny pack, you can even choose the amount of back padding. Users can even create their own small accessories using 3D printer and attach them to the system.

The Bowerbags bag in two different forms


In the Kickstarter video above you can see some examples of the Bowerbags for photography usage but according to Josh Crandall from Bowerbags  a dedicated camera bag will be coming on the second stage of the project.

The Bowerbags has a little bit more than a week to reach its $115k goal and the bags themselves range in price from as low as $25 for a simple “hip bag” to $360 for all five individual Bowerbags. You can check it out on the Bowerbags kickstarter page.

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