Canon EOS 5DS R VS. 5D MKIII VS. D810 – Landscape Photography

On this video photographer Tony Northrup Looks at the image quality of the new Canon EOS 5DS R with its over 50 million pixels compared to the Nikon D810 and older Canon 5D Mark III on landscape images.

We have already seen how the new Canon EOS 5DS R performs in a studio environment on a previous video by Northrup, this video takes a look at an outdoor shooting scenario and this time with less than ideal lenses.

What we can see here is that even with an 24-105mm lens (not the most sharp FF lens that you can find), you can still see a pretty big difference from the 5D MKIII. However from the D810 – the difference isn’t that big. We would suspect that using a higher resolution lens (Zeiss Otus maybe?) we would have seen a bigger difference.

What is nice about this video apart from the look on the IQ of the new Canon EOS 5DS R is that Northrup also gives some completly unrelated (but useful) tips for landscape photos, so even if you have no intention of buying a 5DS R any time soon – this video is worth watching.

Even before this video, Northrup took the Canon EOS 5DS R for a similar test shooting wildlife. Now, given how slow the buffer is (we are talking about huge files here and the processor doesn’t seem to really catch up) it is pretty clear that this is not the best camera for any action shooting – so unless you are shooting stationery animals stick with something a quicker like the 7D MKII.

Canon EOS 5DS R – wildlife shooting experience



As we did last time – here is a quick reminder of some of the main features of the new Canon EOS 5DS and Canon EOS 5DS R cameras:

  • Sensor: 50.6 MP resolution Full Frame CMOS sensor (in the R version it comes without AA filter for even sharper images).
  • Processor: dual  DIGIC 6.
  • Sensitivity: 100-6400 ISO.
  • Focus system: 61 AF points (41 cross type).
  • Video: same as the 5D MK III (but with no HDMI pass-through or headphone jack – this isn’t your ideal HDSLR camera).
  • LCD: 3.2″ 1040k dots screen.
  • Flicker Mode – for avoiding flickering light issues.
  • Shutter: 30-1/8000 sec.
  • Continuous shooting speed: 5 fps.
  • Build: Magnesium alloy body, shutter durability rated up to 150,000 cycles, dust and weather resistance.
  • Weight: 930 grams (32.8 oz).
  • Price: $3700 body only for the Canon 5D S and $3900 for the 5D R.

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