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Earlier today DJI introduced their first FPV drone. FPV OR first-person-view drones are designed to be the “sports cars” of the drone world, fast and maneuverable with very different capabilities than conventional drones. But how is this DJI FPV drone even relate to the world of video/content creators – read on.

Behind the FPV drone market

Up until now, the FPV drone market was mostly comprised of DIY products built by different makers. This meant that some drones have really crazy capabilities in terms of speed and control but for the most part, it restricted the market to the more hardcore fans.

Other limitations include non-standard components, difficult controlling (steep learning curve), and of course the huge headache that is batteries (providing typically only several min of flight time and being extremely dangerous to charge to the level that they have caused homes to burn down).

Entering this niche is a very interesting move by DJI, but one which might change that industry completely. Now you don’t need to be a maker (or have maker friends) to own a racing drone, this is going to open this field to a lot more users who would never attempt this until now.

What might happen in the future is a huge raise in FPV drone racing, with bigger competitions including better coverage – and this is possibly what DJI is looking to gain from with their new drone (and possibly future models).

DJI FPV main specs

Everything about the new DJI FPV specs is designed to make this type of racing drone more accessible to larger audiences:

  • Sensor: 1/ 2.3” 12MP CMOS image sensor (1 axis gimbal)
  • Lens: 35mm equivalent lens (150º field of view)
  • Video capability: 4k/60p and 1080/240p video at 120Mbps (H.264 & H.265 codecs)
  • Speed: 140 kph (87 mph) max speed (in manual mode)
  • Special features: Emergency brake and hover, GPS/return-to-home mode.
  • Obstacle avoidance; Sensors on the front and lower part of the drone.
  • Control: OcuSync 3.0 transmission system (up to 10km range), dual frequencies, 50 Mbps bitrate with googles.
  • Flight time: 20-minute max (depending on the speed and mode)
  • DJI FPV Motion Controller – optional controller which is designed t be more intuitive.

Is it the right tool for you?

So what does a racing drone have to do with photographers, cinematographers, and content creators? That is a complex question. We see this move from DJI first as an attempt by the company to get into a new market and a way DJI tries to provide content creators a new tool.

With that said, it doesn’t mean that content creators (and to lesser degree cinematographers and video makers) won’t use the DJI FPV for specific projects.

The most logical shots this type of drone might be right for are fast action shots – car races, sky diving, off-road bikes, and more. It won’t be the right tool if you want those slow stable, wide cinematic type shots (the Mavic drones will be the right choice for that).


The new DJI FPV Combo sells for $1,300, and it includes the drone, FPV Goggles V2, and the remote controller 2.  The DJI FPV Motion Controller sells for $200.

Hands-on from around the web

There are already quite a few hands-on reviews online – we collected a number of relevant ones from several creators for your viewing pleasure below.

Potato Jet flying the new DJI FPV 

YouTube player

Our friends from CineD first hands-on with the DJI FPV

YouTube player

Dan Watson with the new DJI drone

YouTube player

Landon Bytheway on the  DJI FPV

YouTube player

Peter McKinnon – fun and games with the DJI FPV

YouTube player

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