DJI Mavic Pro Foldable Drone First Look

Earlier today DJI introduced the Mavic Pro – a portable easy-to-use drone featuring a number of advanced flight technologies in a small, foldable package that enables high portability on the go.

Just as we were finishing the first set of Photokina videos, DJI decided to announce a new mini drone (not that we are complaining or anything but couldn’t you announce the thing a week ago?).

Anyway, the new Mavic Pro as it is known has all the things that you would expect to find in a new advanced drone including 4K video (30p in 4K and 96p in 1080p) stabilized by a 3-axis gimbal as well as DJI’s automated flight features like collision-avoidance, TapFly, and precision hovering.

You also have whirlybird with gestures and snap hands-free selfies as the tiny drone hovers overhead next to you. The max flight time is stated at 27 minutes, and the drone itself is pretty fast and can exceed 40 mph in the so called Sport’s mode. From the test above (by the guys at Engadget) as well as a few other hands on from the internet it seems that the software still need a little bit more tweaking until the final release in a month but the drone can certainly handle wind well – which is very good news.

The new trend of foldable small drones is certainly welcome (GoPro also has a new very similar one called Karma). One of the big issues with existing drones (like the DJi Phantom 4 for example) is that they are big and hard to pack in a small bag since there is no real way to fold them – these small drones seem to solve this issue – allowing you to take your aerial photography with you almost anywhere.

Official DJI Mavic Pro video


The Mavic pro plus a controller will set you back $999 ($750 without the controller) and will hit shelves in November 2016.

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