DJI Pocket 2 Hands On and Main Improvements Looking at the new generation of the "osmo" pocket

Earlier today DJI announced a new generation of their compact gimbal equipped mini camera called Pocket 2 (this time without the “Osmo” branding). This new device improves on many aspects of the original model including an improved camera and lens, superior microphones, and a set of smart new modes plus a whole host of very interesting and useful accessories.

The all-new Pocket 2 portable camera gimble

So let’s go over the main improvements of the new Pocket 2:

  • Better, larger sensor – the original Osmo Pocket has a small 1/2.3inch 12-megapixel sensor, the new Pocket 2 has an all-new larger 1/1.7 inch one with 16 megapixels and in certain modes, it is capable of taking up to 64MP stills images. Video resolution hadn’t changed and it still tops at a respectable 4K 60p (but if you go down to 1080p you can shoot up to 240fps for super slow motion).
  • Wider lens – as users of the original Osmo Pocket we didn’t really like how narrow the lens was. Even for non-vlogging uses, it was not wide enough in many situations. The new lens is significantly wider (20mm equivalent compared to 26mm on the older model) and there is even a new optional accessory wide-angle converter that you can buy to get even wider if you need it.
  • Digital Zoom – you can now use a zoom feature at 1080p mode (crops from 4K) up to 4X lossless and up to 8X in stills mode.
  • DJI Matrix Stereo – The mic on the original version was not really very impressive. The new second version has a 4 microphone array which should considerably improve audio (including much more directional audio that reduces background noises).
  • New attachments – there are a whole host of new accessories with the new Pocket 2 including an all-new joystick control that you can connect with the smartphone connector, a micro tripod, stick, WIFI/BT unit (we were actually hoping that this new version will have the WIFI/BT built in this time instead of forcing us to buy another accessory) and most interesting (for us at least) is a wireless audio module with a mic that comes as part of the Creator Combo and includes a 3.5mm jack for headphones (and speaker) on the Pocket 2 and a 3.5mm on the wireless mic so you can also connect your own lav if you want.
  • Better software – the software also got better with a much welcomed Hybrid 2.0 AutoFocus for, well – better AF, HDR mode (which should be available at a later date), faster wake up and pause recording option.

As for pricing, the DJI Pocket itself will sell for $350 and the DJI Pocket 2 Creator Combo will sell for $500 both should be available starting November 1’st.

DJI has been doing pretty well for itself when it comes to marketing their products and the web is already full of hands-on and early reviews and we collected a number of them including some comparisons to the first-gen pocket unit and you can check them out below.

iPhonedo with his look at the Pocket 2 

YouTube player
FlytPath  with an in-depth comparison to the original version
YouTube player
iJustine hands-on with both the regular and Creator Combo versions of the DJI Pocket 2
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