Edelkrone Introduces SliderONE PRO – World’s Most Compact Motion Control System

Turkish manufacturer Edelkrone just announced a pro version of its tiny SliderONE which integrates the motor and wireless control unit into the slider and adds a few extra capabilities.

The original SliderONE was one of the smallest sliders on the market and certainly the smallest (“real”) motorized slider with wireless control. The SliderONE required a separate motion module which made it a bit bigger and heavier and it was limited in the power that unit had (especially if you wanted to shoot on an incline). The new Pro version integrates the motor, making the unit smaller but also stronger (the motor in this new unit is more powerful). The Pro version is also 5cm longer (about 2 inches).

Another very interesting feature Edelkrone introduced in the SliderONE pro is called Time-Warper & Motion-Warper which allows the camera to move at different speeds through the sliding plan. You can see a short video explaining this feature below:

Just a few days ago Edelkrone released the second generation of its “Wing” and “Wing Pro” products which are marketed by the company as “rail-less” sliders (see here) and it seems that the company just keep updating their line with more features every few months.

The SliderONE PRO sells for just under $590.

You can check out more of our coverage of Edelkrone’s products as well as more new HDSLR related products on our HDSLR gear section.

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