First Look at the MagBox New Softbox System

Arizona based company Magmod recently announced a new product it hopes will reinvent the softbox and potentially make professional photographers work that much easier when using portable lights.

Ub 2013 photographer Spencer Boerup – the founder of MagMod developed a new system that uses the magnets for adding modifiers to speedlights. Since then the system evolved with new products (including the mag-grid, mag-sphere, and mag-beam) and now they are taking a big step forward with 3 new products in one Kickstarter campaign – the MagBox, MagShoe, and MagRing.

The MagBox is a new type of softbox that uses – you guest right – magnets – this means that you need only one second to connect it to the MagRing (which can hold 2 speedlights) and Changing diffusers is quick, easy (see the videos above and below – it really looks super simple).

The MagBox also has two types of diffusers. The FocusDiffuser, similar to what you might get from a gridded beauty dish- but without the loss of light of the grid. You will also get a traditional Fabric Diffuser.

The MagRing can hold two speedlights using magnets (they need to have MagGrip on them of course) and they lock in a way that will secure them in place easily. The Magbox attaches to the MagRing with several powerful magnets and the MagRing itself connects to MagGrip which is a mount/handle what you can connect to a light stand and tilt or hand hold.

If you were asking yourself if you can connect your strobe to the Magbox the answer is probably yes –  using one of the company’s adapters to mount Profoto, Bowens, Elinchrom or Paul C. Buff strobes to the unit.

A MagBox 24 starter strobe Kit will run you just under $200 with a speedlight version going for just under $250 on Kickstarter right now.

Official MagMod  video – Trevor Dayley’s Top 10 Favorite Things About the New MagBox System

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