Irix Edge Variable ND 2-5 Filter: Super Slim and Magnetic Ultra thing magnetic Variable ND filter

Irix had just announced a new Edge variable ND filter system that it claims is the thinnest in the world and can be used magnetically or like a conventional threaded filter.

Irix Edge Variable ND

There are plenty of Variable ND systems around, we even tested some VND filters in the past (see our Syrp Variable ND Filter Review and our Aurora Aperture Power XND 2000). So what makes the new Irix Edge VND so special?

According to Irix the new filter is super thin – only 4.7mm. It is made from aluminum covered in black coating and has no less than 24 different layers of coatings (10 layers is typically considered a lot) meant to reduce reflections, oil, water, and more.

The filters are available in multiple threaded sizes including 67, 72, 82, 86, and 95mm as well as the magnetic version which works with Irix’s own Cine lenses which accept front magnetic filters.

The thin profile of the Irix Edge Variable ND 2-5 Filter

Irix MMS VND filter

This is a good opportunity to mention our recent Irix 30mm T1.5 Cine lens review that we have published here (which supports the MMS version of the lens).

A second official Irix video on the Edge Variable ND 2-5 Filter

YouTube player

Pricing and availability

The Irix Edge 2-5 stops Variable Neutral Density Filter price ranges from 115 euros (~$130) for the 67mm size all the way up to 215 euros (~$242) for the 95mm size. The Magnetic version sells for 225 euros (~$254). There are currently available on the Irix website.

The different sizes of the non-magnetic Irix Edge filters

Irix Edge Variable ND 2-5 Filters

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