First Peak at the Upcoming Nikon Mirrorless Camera

Over 24 hours ago Nikon posted the first official video showing what looks like an upcoming mirrorless camera. The video (above) briefly depicts what looks like a new thin design with a larger EVF in the center a tilt monitor and a thumb grip in the back as well as a surprisingly large mount (at least compared to the camera body).

Besides the official Nikon video above there are some unofficial images including what might appear to be the first clear image of the camera (see image on nikonrumors) which looks pretty small (not so different maybe from a Sony A7/A9 series camera).

The EVF and tilt monitor in the back of the camera from Nikon’s official video

It seems that Nikon’s campaign to promote the camera started today and the camera might be officially announced on the 23’rd of August.

The huge new mount on the front of the camera from Nikon’s official video

Here are some of the specs that we know of according to NR:

  • Two models are expected (together or maybe a bit apart): 24MP FF to compete with the Sony A7III and 45/48MP to compete with the A7RIII.
  • 5-axis in-body stabilization
  • 9fps (not clear if this applies to both models).
  • New mount (called Z-mount).
  • EVF with 3.6MP.
  • Dual memory cards –  XQD and CF Express.
  • 400~ AF points, very fast AF in video (the higher res model will have some advanced AF features in video).
  • Top monitor.
  • 4K video.
  • F-mount adaptor.
  • No built-in flash.
  • 3 new Z-mount lenses to be announced with the cameras – two primes and one 24-70 f/4 zoom.
  • Prices – 45MP about £2,400, 24MP about £1,700 (body only).

You can find many more previews and reviews on our Photography review section here on LensVid.

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