RhinoCam: How to Shoot a 250MP Image with Your Sony A7R/II

The Fotodiox RhinoCam is an interesting accessory which allows nature and architecture photographers to use their Sony A7 series cameras to capture ultra high resolution images.

The way this device works is pretty simple – you need to attach a medium format lens either Hasselblad v-mount or if you get a different version a Mamiya 645 – you can get an old lens in decent condition for a few hundred dollars if you don’t have one and you mount your Sony A7/A7 S/A7R series camera on the other side.

Now all you need to do is move your camera 6 times and each time take a picture. You will end up with 6 images the are overlapping to a degree which you can now use to create a stitched composite image of very high resolution (with the 42MP A7R II you will get around 252MP 1:1 ratio image and with a bit of cropping around 250MP final result).

Mind you – this isn’t a good method for anything which isn’t stationary and of course the end result will be as good as the lens you use so no much point in using a ultra high res Sony sensor with a foggy old medium format lens.

Pricing for the RhinoCam is pretty affordable at just under $300 (but again – don’t forget that you also need a camera and a medium formant lens).

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Iddo Genuth
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  1. I wonder, what Fotodiox had in mind, when they use a completely unusable image for showing the resolution!?
    On this image you have to crop about 30% of the boring foreground and the sky without any interesting clouds as well and they don’t show a 1:1 crop of the final image.

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