Fractal Filters – Your Next Gen Creative Filters

Looking to get more creative with your photography (or videography)? a kickstarter project called Fractal Filters promises to bring a new way of creating patterns and different looks which are hard or even impossible to create in any other way.

In the past photographers used filters covered in vaseline to achieve soft focus and other effects.

Nikk Wong from Seattle wanted to take the idea of filter effects another step ahead and came up with Fractal Filters. This new large piece of glass doesn’t sit directly on your lens like a typical filter instead you either hold it or use a special articulated arm mount to hold it in place in front of your lens.

According to Wong: “Each filter can be used in a variety of ways, depending on the way it’s rotated, the distance it sits from the lens, focal length used, etc. The way an end user applies their filter is only limited by their creativity: these filters have been designed to be effectively versatile”.

The video above (and below) is pretty self explanatory if you ask us – the filter has 3 hols for your fingers if you decide to hand hold it or you can use one of the holes for the arm. The filter glass has 12% lead oxide to make it more reflective. The filter is best suited for lenses with focal lengths from 40-150mm, it has a size of 100mm with 93mm glass and a 7mm profile ring.

Another video with a bit more info on the Fractal Filters


Fractal Filters

Fractal Filters

The product is currently on its last day of (successfully) raising money on Kickstarter with a price of $25 for one filter (with the  articulated arm mount selling for $15 extra).

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