Hands on with Peak Design Everyday Backpack V2

Earlier today Peak Design introduced the second version of the popular Everyday Backpack with several updates and changes as well as a number of other backpacks. Kitty from Atola Visuals had a chance to look at the Everyday Backpack V2 and the new 6L Sling Bag which was also announced.

The original Everyday Backpack was a huge success raising over $6.5 million in one of the most successful campaigns of Kickstarter of 2016. Since then a lot has changed in the premium camera bag category with bags from Peter McKinnon & Nomatic, Vinta, and others (including Gitzo which expended into backpacks last year).

Peak Design wanted to improve the original design of the Everyday Backpack and although it seems much was already spot on with the original version there was still some room for improvement.

The new Peak Design Everyday Backpack V2 and its Flex-Fold dividers options

So what did change? here are some of the main improvements/changes in the second version:

  • New shape – stands better on the ground (the original had a tendency to tip over).
  •  Fewer seams – better rain protection.
  • A little lighter – by about 150 grams (5.3 oz).
  • UltraZip – new zippers developed with  Zoom zippers that are said to be 20x stronger (some users reported blown zippers in the original version so this is really welcome).
  • Better straps – with more padding and magnets to hold them to the back of the bag when not in use.
  • Redesigned interior pockets – it now includes some different pockets on each side (internally) as well as magnets which are kind of neat.
  • Maglatch – this is the trademark of the original version – the open/close mechanism on the front of the bag has been improved and can now also be closed silently.
  • 100% recycled* 400D nylon – the new bag is made externally from this recycled waterproof material which means that you don’t need a rain cover when you use the bag.
  • Flex-Fold dividers – you now have 3 of these with the (20l) version of the bag and you can use them to create even more modular compartments or close them down if you need more space.
  • Improved expansion straps – there are now more and somewhat redesigned straps to carry a jacket, sleeping bag or other large items on the outside of the bag.

There are two variations of the Everyday Backpack V2 – the 20l and 30l which sells for $220 and $290 respectively (both come in 3, somewhat different colors).

An official Pack Design video – what is new for V2 and a look at all the new line of bags

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