Peak Design Wants to Reinvent the Travel Tripod

Peak Design just announced a new Kickstarter campaign for a new travel tripod which has an innovative design with an ultra-compact build.

Basically, all tripod designs so far have some spaces between the legs when they are folded up which makes the tripods thicker. Peak Design was able to come up with a rectangular leg design around a triangular center column that closes down tightly in a way that makes the tripod super compact.

The ballhead is also innovative. It is flat and has a twist lock with a thin Arca Swiss plate (mind you, not all Arca plates will work with this design).

Techcrunch on Peak Design’s Travel Tripod

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There are two versions of this tripod – an aluminum and a carbon fiber version. Both use the same basic design and weigh 1554g (3.43lbs) and 1210g (2.67lbs), respectively (including the head). As mentioned both tripods are extremely compact measuring 6.35cm (2.5in) in diameter and 39.37cm (15.5in) when closed and 152.4cm (60in) when fully extended (including the center column).

The center column has a hook for hanging a bag or other heavy object for extra stability and if you open the column you get a smartphone holder that you can use on the head (a really nice touch). The legs use a leaver instead of the possibly more common twist-lock mechanism (that one is possibly impossible due to the shape of the legs).

The tripod comes with a Capture Camera Clip and a dedicated carrying case with a hex key for tightening and loosening elements of the tripod.

As for pricing, during the Kickstarter, pricing starts at $289 for the aluminum version and $479 for the carbon fiber version (you will have to wait for the end of December until it will be ready though).

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