How Does Panasonic Manufacture Lenses at the Yamagata Plant

Just ahead of Photokina 2014, Panasonic published a short video showing a brief look at its manufacturing process and tools for lenses at the company’s Yamagata Plant in Japan.

Manufacturing a modern lens is a complex process which requires sophisticated tools and very precise work done by highly skilled workers. On this video you can see how the lenses are being handled by both machines and human workers, the coating process, assembly and testing.

A question we are getting from time to time is who actually makes the Leica branded Panasonic lenses – this video gives a clear answer – they are made in Japan by Panasonic and with “strict quality assurance certified by Leica”.

You can find many more videos showing the manufacturing process of photography equipment from Nikon, Sigma, Leica, Zeiss, Broncolor and more on or dedicated “how do they make it” section here on LensVid.


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