Nikon Lens Craftsmanship

We love to see how lenses are made. This video by Nikon released earlier this year is a great example, showing some of the delicate process and hard work that goes into each lens.

As we noted in the past, manufacturing a modern lens is a complex process which requires advanced tools and very precise work by highly skilled workers. For the most part all manufacturers are still relaying on experienced human workers to create lenses and not robots (although Canon announced it was looking to move into robotic manufacturing of some photographic gear in the near future).

In the past we covered many other videos showing you how different manufacturers develop, build and test lenses. We covered Nikon’s own glass development video on “How does the Glass for Nikon Lenses is Made”, “How Does Panasonic Manufacture Lenses at the Yamagata Plant“, “How Does Sigma Manufacture Lenses (part 1 and part 2)”, “Carl Zeiss – Manufacturing the new Touit lenses“, and finally “How Leica Lenses are Made“.

You can find many more videos showing the manufacturing process of photography equipment  on our dedicated “how do they make it” section here on LensVid.

Iddo Genuth
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