LensVid Exclusive: Interview with miggo – Your Camera’s best New Pal

Miggo is a new Israeli startup with an innovative product – Strap & Wrap – the world’s first (patent pending) camera strap that morphs into a protective case.

The three founders of Miggo came from another Israeli bag manufacturer – KATA (now part for Manfrotto Bags) and after the company moved most of its stuff to Italy the founders which held key positions inside KATA for many years, decided to come up with their own unique product.

Strap & Wrap demo in action


Strap & Wrap is a straightforward product but quite an ingenious one – the type of things which let you stop and think – how this was not done by anybody so far. The Strap & Wrap has two functions its both a padded camera strap (or grip – called Grip&Wrap) that carries your camera comfortably. When you are done shooting? all you need to do is wrap it around your camera to get great protection without the need to carry bulky camera bag.

The Strap & Wrap has another trick up it sleeve (pun intended) it has a dedicated pocket for the lens’ cap – no more forgetting where you put your lens cover – easy and simple.

You don’t need to take the Strap & Wrap off when you connect a tripod


The Strap & Wrap can fit either a Mirrorless camera or a entry level to mid size DSLR with a kit lens (they have the exact measurements on the site – see below).

The project has already received very positive response across the web and since it was posted on Kickstarter just a few days ago it already raised twice the initial goal and you can get one for yourself starting at $35.

Interview with Guy Sprukt, Co-Founder – miggo

Q: How did the idea for miggo come to be?

A: Yuval Kemp, Ohad Cohen and myself – the three partners at miggo – worked till a few months ago in senior positions at KATA Bags (Today known as Manfrotto Bags). Yuval was the CEO, Ohad was one of the veteran designers and head of Digital, and I ran the Marketing & Communication department.

KATA, which was a unique and successful company, underwent a painful process of personnel reduction by the British owners of the company – the Vitec Corporation. Today there are only a 1/4 of the employees left from a once magnificent company.

Despite the harsh reality, we looked at it as a golden opportunity for the three of us. We were free and “hungry” to establish a new company that will continue the “KATA spirit”.

And so, instead of continuing to develop camera bags, we began a methodical and structured search for “the next thing” which would suit current trends. That is how miggo was born.

Q: What can miggo do for your camera?

A: Quite a lot! miggo can carry your camera as a strap or a wrist-grip, and also serve as a padded camera case. It even has a designated pocket for your lens cap, and in the future will have place for memory cards.

The idea behind miggo is its patented versatility, to change from a strap or grip into a padded case in seconds.

miggo is the solution for all photographers who used to leave their camera at home because they couldn’t bother to carry a bulky camera bag along with their personal bag. With miggo you can take your camera anywhere, and drop it into your bag without worrying about it getting scratched or knocked about. That’s the whole idea.

A place for your lens cap


Q: What type of cameras fit inside the miggo?

A: miggo’s only limitation is the size of your equipment (measuring the circumference of the camera: body + lens) and the width of the camera body.

At the moment miggo only fits small to mid-sized DSLRs with short to mid-length lenses, and Mirrorless cameras with short to long lenses. Sorry, no telephoto lenses yet. Larger cameras, such as Canon 5D, for example, are currently not fit for use with miggo nor are Point & Shoot cameras or “bridge” category cameras.

On our website, and on the Kickstarter project page, you can easily check whether your camera + lens fit one of the various miggo models.

 Q: What is miggo made from?

A: At KATA we always insisted on using only the best materials available, and with miggo our approach is the same. The base of each miggo is a supple Neoprene layer (diving suits are made of it) which provides protection, and two layers of high-quality Lycra which is very pleasant to the touch and designed to be… pleasant to the touch. The Lycra fabrics come in a variety of colors and prints to add style and fun, or in black for those who prefer the classic look.

In addition, the system includes a multi-purpose metal screw which connects the base of the camera body to the miggo using the tripod socket. The screw allows free movement of the strap relative to the camera body, without coming loose. The screw itself is threaded to enable connection to a tripod without the need to remove miggo from the camera.

In short, we didn’t compromise or cut corners. The product is very high quality, efficient and enjoyable to use, and we are sure that it will be felt in every detail.

Q: What’s next for you after this product – do you have ideas for more cool stuff?

A: Despite the incredible support we’re feeling from around the world and the great responses to the idea and execution, we’re not resting on our laurels.

Like everyone else, we’re aware of the worrying drop in the sales of cameras, and therefore our development is focused on two areas: the first is additional camera products while constantly improving the existing product, and the second is developing protection and carrying solutions for products that do not necessarily cameras.

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