A Look at 9.Solutions Mini C-Pan Arm

IBC 2017 closed down this week but there are still a few interesting products that were demonstrated during the show that we wanted to share with you. One of those is the new Mini C-Pan Arm by 9.Solutions that is finally shipping these days.

9.Solutions had the larger  C-Pan Arm (check our coverage here) for a while, but although that product is extremely innovative – it is also large and heavy (not to mention expensive) and a smaller version was a really logical next step which is what many users have asked for (including us by the way – we spoke with the company several times about that) and after some work the new smaller version is now shipping (we got the first look a few months ago when it was just announced).

So what does that smaller Mini C-Pan arm do? well, it only weighs 1,5 Kgs and measures 400mm when folded but it does let you make 700mm of straight movements. Just like its big brother, it is able to make inward and outward curved shots both horizontal and vertically (for vertical shots, a tiltable tripod and ball head is needed) or in-outs and flyovers.

The above video from Newsshooter.com gives a short demo of the capabilities of the Mini C-Pan. Here is the payload this system is rated for:

  • Horizontal Load: 11 lb / 5 kg
  • Vertical Load: 6,6 lb / 3 kg
  • Weight (Body): 3,3 lb / 1,5 kg

As for pricing, the Mini C-Pan arm is selling for a price of $650.

Below is a cinema5D video about the Mini C-Pan from IBC 2017

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