A Look at the Features of the Upcoming Nikon D850 (Semi Official)

Last month Nikon announced that they are working on an upcoming replacement for the D810 called D850. The company didn’t release any official details at the time (apart from the fact that this camera will have 8K timelapse). Now, leaked information from a supposed Nikon presentation has appeared and photographer Tony Northrup made a video looking on this information and trying to analyze some of it.

Out of the all the information in the specs below we found the most interesting to be the combination of a fast shooting speed (7fps or 9 fps with a grip), a large buffer and high megapixel to be the most interesting. This combo gives you for the first time (at least for Nikon/Canon DSLR shooters) the option to use a pro level camera for both sports and more high res type of photography such as portraits, landscape etc.

The upcoming D850

So what do we know at this stage (given that the info that nikonrumors published from the translated leaked Nikon D850 presentation is correct):

  • 45.75MP full frame CMOS sensor with no AA filter.
  • New and improved version of SnapBridge.
  • No built-in GPS or built in flash.
  • 3.2″ tilt touch screen (similar to the D7500 with menu touch as well – which does not exist on the D500).
  • Memory card slots: one SD and one XQD (similar to the D500 with UHS-II SD card support).
  • AF system with 153 points, (30% more frame coverage compared to the D810, -4EV center point and smaller AF points).
  • Back illuminated buttons.
  • Joystick selector for focus (similar to D500).
  • Built-in Bluetooth and Wi-Fi (and improved Snapbridge).
  • 4k video with no crop (the most interesting feature – currently not supported by any other Nikon camera). 120 fps in 1080p. 8K time-lapse in camera.
  • Improved LiveView split-screen display
  • Improved silent shooting mode: fully-silent, no-sound electronic shutter in live view (6 fps silent shooting, no mechanical movement, can shoot up to 30fps @ 8MP with the electronic shutter)
  • Improved battery life compared to the D810.
  • Lighter than the D810.
  • Native ISO range: 64-25,600 (ISO 64 extendable down to ISO 32 and up to 108,400).
  • Shooting speed – 7fps (9fps with grip)
  • 51 images raw buffer at 14-bit RAW
  • 0.75x optical viewfinder (largest ever on a Nikon digital cameras).
  • Light meter – 180k RGB meter.
  • Built-in focus stacking: up to 300 pictures with up to 10 levels of focusing steps (users will still need external software to combine the images).
  • RAW sizes: small, medium, large (no info on exact resolutions).
  • New 1:1 mode (Instagram etc.).
  • New natural light AWB
  • Announcement: possibly August 16th with $3,600 price tag (we would take both of these with a grain of salt).

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Iddo Genuth
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