Lumonitor: The 4K Touchscreen Battery Powered Portable Monitor Can you turn this one into a spare production monitor / director's monitor?

There are plenty of inexpensive great 5″ and 7″ monitors around these days from different manufacturers, getting a larger monitor is quite a different story and prices tend to go up dramatically. If you don’t need the different focus/color features that a dedicated production monitor offers and just look for an extra-large but the portable monitor that can help you monitor the live-action and determine the composition, the new Lumonitor (currently a Kickstarter project) might be exactly what you are looking for.

There are several ~15″ portable displays on the market right now (we are actually testing one as we speak) but most of them are not ideal for video work. This is because they are not self-powered (so you need to find a way to connect them to AC or battery) and more importantly they lack any conventional mounting options (no 1/4″ 20 or 3/8″ or anything similar that can help you fix them to a rig.

Portable 15.6″ 4K touch monitor with built-in battery / VESA mount

The Lumonitor, while not necessarily developed with videographers in mind seems to solve most of the issues that other similar monitors have. It is a 15.6″ IPS monitor with 4K touch capabilities that has a standard 75mm VESA attachment on the back – so at least in theory you should be able to connect it to either a stand or even a director’s monitor setup (we are looking at several options for that including this plate by Ikan, we have also suggested to the creators of this project to try and team up with one of the companies that make rigging accessories and see if they can create some sort of director’s monitor rig for this monitor – we will, of course, be happy to report on this if it happens).

Of course, the Lumonitor can do much more – aside from using it for entertainment (watching videos/games etc.) it can be a great productivity tool when used with a smartphone or a laptop (we find an extra monitor to be super handy and a touch monitor even more so), great for video editing on the go for example.

The monitor is only 6mm thick (including the built-in batteries), has 100% sRGB color range, 1200:1 contrast ratio with 300df/m^2 brightness, and dual 4000mAh battery. It weighs in at 1.3lbs (just over 0.5kg), 10 points capacitive touch panel, and dual speaker and it is listed as having HDR support. Battery life will depend heavily on the use/brightness etc. but is said to be anywhere from 2-6 hours.

Connections include – dual USB-C, HDMI (at the moment mini HDMI although the final version may or may not be full size), 3.5mm and micro USB for connecting peripherals (mouse/keyboard etc.).

Right side connections

There are currently two versions of this screen being offered on Kickstarter, a  1080p version for $225 and a 4K version for $325. We hope to be able to test the Lumonitor once the project is ready probably around October 2020 (it has already raised over half a million dollars at the time of writing).

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  1. DO NOT SUPPORT. Check the comments from all the unhappy backers on their Kickstarter campaign. Greedy suckers.

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