Manfrotto Befree Tripods Line Up (Photokina 2018) Showroom floor report from Photokina 2018 on all the new Befree Tripods from Manfrotto

During Photokina 2018 we had a chance to take a look at Manfrotto’s new line of Befree tripods which includes several new tripods and heads. Valentina from Manfrotto was here to guide us through some of the features of these new products.

In Photokina, Manfrotto introduced quite a few new tripods from the very successful Befree line including:

  • Befree Live Aluminium tripod lever, video head – a small light video-oriented aluminum tripod with a compact fluid head – priced at 225 pounds on Amazon in the U.K..
  • Befree 2N1 Aluminium tripod lever, monopod included – this is another Befree tripod for traveling photographers, also made from aluminum with a nice addition – a monopod which is actually one of the tripod legs (detachable). Price – 220 pounds on Amazon U.K. (there is also a version of this tripod with a twist-lock mechanism if you don’t like the flip-lock).

The new Befree 2N1 tripod

  • Manfrotto Befree Advanced Nerissimo Aluminium Travel Tripod Twist – an all-black special edition of the Befree with twist lock legs and a baldhead. This one currently sells only online – around 175 pounds in the U.K. on Amazon.

There is also one advanced Manfrotto – Sony Befree tripod as part of the collaboration of the two companies:

  • Befree GT Carbon fiber designed for α cameras from Sony – this premium Befree GT carbon fiber tripod uses twist locks and has a ballhead with a plate designed to work specifically with A7/A9 sony cameras – price – $390.

The Befree GT Carbon for Sony

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Update: We now have a whole new subsection dedicated to tripods for you to check out with new releases and reviews plus lots of info and videos.

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