Platypod Pro MAX – A Flat Heavy Duty Camera Support

Max is a new versatile mini “tripod” designed to hold large cameras when steady shots are needed from the ground  or in tight spots where standard tripods can’t be used. The Max is currently working its way on kickstarter.

So let’s say that you want to shoot from a low angle with a heavy camera setup. You can use a heavy duty tripod that can go very low, or – you can use something like the MAX – which is a very easy to use and simple device – basically it is a large metal plate to which a tripod head can be attached with a camera.

The MAX is very portable and much lighter than any tripod that can carry the same weight (up to 300 lbs/136kg) as it can (you will need a substantial head of course if you are going to use a such a heavy camera). The unit comes with 4 bayonets, 5 1/4″ 20 holes for attaching all sorts of things (or the unit itself to something), you can also use a 2″ belt to secure the unit to a large pole for example and the whole thing is made out of 5mm thick aluminium.

The Max is currently on Kickstarter for under $100 on Kickstarter.

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