Slide – a New Kind of Camera Strap

Slide is a new type of camera strap that is a sort of a mix between the 3 common straps – a sling strap, shoulder strap and a neck strap. This versatile strap could fit more photographers and work with more cameras and camera carrying methods than any existing strap.

The Slide is padded and has a low-profile and it should play nicely with your tripod. It can be connected in several different ways to your camera (either through the two conventional strap mounts on the sides of your camera or using on of the sides and one on the tripod mount on the bottom of the camera). Slide can also be released pretty easily (but its designers promise it will not be released by accident).

Talking about the designers, the Slide was designed by Peak Design which was founded by Peter Dering who created the Capture Camera Clip (which raised over $350,000 on kickstarter a few years back).

The Slide has also starting to make the rounds on kickstarter raising over $200,000 dollars in a short period of time. Each slide cost about $50 and there are a few other accessories which you can check out on the project page on kickstarter.

The Slide project Kickstarter video


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