Peak Design Everyday Messenger – The Million Dollar Camera Bag

It took San Fransisco based start-up Peak Design only a few days to raise over one million dollars on Kickstarter for their new “Everyday Messenger”. Here are some of the reasons why they choose to do this.

Peak Design are not new to Kickstarter (or to us here on LensVid) they already had a number of very successful campaigns on Kickstarter including one for the Slide camera strap.

The special locking mechanism of the  Everyday Messenger


The Everyday Messenger bag can grow from a 13.5 litre capacity up to a 20.5 litre capacity, and has a semi-rigid outer shell to help the bag  protect your gear and its shape. The bag has room for a laptop and a tablet as well as quite a few photography related items (between 2-3 lenses and a camera typically). The bag has a unique magnetic latch system, side pockets and a special place to attach Peak Design special capture camera clip on the side.

 Everyday Messenger with gear inside

Everyday Messenger camera bag

On making the Everyday Messenger



You can get an Everyday Messenger of your own starting at under $200 on Kickstarter.

Everyday Messenger opens up


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