Capture v2 – Reinventing the Camera Clip

The Kickstarter project presented in this video might be familiar to some of you. The product is known as  Capture and is a compact metal clip that lets you carry your camera on any backpack strap, belt or bag. The reason this might sound familiar is that this product is actually the second version of the product which was a great success the first time it was published on Kickstarter.

The new version was designed based on user feedback. There are now both a standard and pro versions (Capture vs. CapturePRO which also work with tripod heads and sling straps and is made entirely from aluminum), a new and more ergonomic design, a lighter and slimmer shape and better security features (including a safety lock).

You can read more and support the project on its Kickstarter page and on the Peak Design website.

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