Pro Media Gear Advanced Adaptable Camera Shoulder Strap System

Just before 2016 comes to a close we would like to bring to you an interesting final Kickstarter project from the Illinois based company Pro Media Gear that developed a new type of quick to deploy and adapt strap system which can connect to many types of mounting and accessories.

About a week ago we published an extensive review of the Pro Media Gear 24″ motorized slider which is hands down one of our favorite video accessories of 2016 (full list coming very soon here on LensVid). One of the slider’s strongest points is just how well it is made. Pro Media Gear certainly knows how to make a high end product and they have a very advanced CNC factory with a strong design team.

Prototypes of the new Pro Meida Gear strap system (on the bottom right the RC2/Arca Swiss hybrid plate)


What they have done for this project (which is a second version of this system) is create a highly adaptable strap system. Yes there are quite a few strap systems on the market already (our personal favorite is the one by the Israeli company Miggo – but that is a more traditional strap which connects to the sides of the camera – Pro Media Gear’s design connects to the tripod mount of the camera).

So what is so special about this new Pro Media Gear strap system?

  • The strap connects using a metal quick release hose fitting.  According to PMG there is a cylinder inside the plug which pushes steel balls out, expanding inside a hardened steel fitting. Once expanded it’s impossible to remove the plug, unless the spring loaded release button is pressed.  To prevent accidental release, the button is flush with the casing, and access to it is protected by the strap loop on top.
  • This system is very quick to deploy but at the same time extremely strong as you can see in the video.
  • You have several options for connection the strap to your camera (you can see pictures in the project Kickstarter page):
  1. #SSP1 – The featured plug that comes bundled with the PMG Strap.
  2.  #SSP2 – Accepts any 1/4″-20 thread mount or anchor, with safety set screw to prevent accidental unscrewing.
  3.  #SSP3 – Designed for straps that are permanently sewed in and not able to loop through the adapter.  Our SSP3 has a removable top bar, fits straps up to 1.1 inch wide.
  4.  #SSP4 – Designed to keep the carabiner or D-ring connection on your strap and just loop it through our system (1/4″ diameter rounded hole).

A nice things about this system is that if you already own a strap that you like, but would like to upgrade to the PMG QR system, you’ll just need, a compatible camera plate and one of the plugs. Another important feature of this system is that the PBX3 universal Arca-type plate allows the user to seamlessly integrate many of other products such as PMG handle or flash bracket (which you can also see in the video). 

The Pro Media Gear Strap – you can also use your own


One of the coolest innovations of Pro Media Gear shown in this video is their new dual fitting quick release plate which can connect to both Arca Swiss style heads and Manfrotto style RC2 heads.

Different types of plate options


If you have seen our recent video on Quick Release plates – RC2 vs. Arca Swiss, published just a few days ago you know that we are big fans of RC2 quick release systems but there are situations where Arca Swiss is actually more useful. Having a plate which can fit in both systems is just amazing.

As for pricing, the system start at around $52 at Kickstarter.

Make sure you wont miss any Kickstarter/indiegogo photography projects on our dedicated Kickstarter page here on LensVid.
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