Tooga – the Modular Camera Gear Accessory Unit

There are a lot of cages, dollys  and other video accessories on the market today for all the avid videographers and HDSLR shooters. Two art students from LA – Kay Kim and Benson Lam recently came up with an idea for a system that will use a basic shell (called Tooga Shell) which will serve as the basic building block for a whole range of video accessories ranging from guerrilla cages tiny dollys and even suction mounts.

The Tooga full system


The cage was made to fit anything within the dimensions of 6in x 6in (including pro bodies such as a Canon EOS 5D Mark III or Nikon D800). The Tooga Cage’s cheese-plate also provides several 1/4-20″ thread mounts, 3/8-16″ thread mounts, and couple of cold shoe mounts to attach all your accessories.

What you get with the Pro package of the Tooga


The Tooga is currently looking to raise money on Kickstarter and you can support it by getting a Tooga Gear Pro Package which includes: 1 Tooga Shell 4 Suction Cup Extension 1 Pair of Dolly Extension 1 Cage Extension 1 Heavy-Duty Ballhead 1 Lowepro Passport Sling Bag all for around $550 (should retail later on for around $650).

You can even use your iPhone with the Tooga dolly