A (British) Photographer Tackles America’s Wild Landscapes

This short but interesting National Geographic Live! video (part of a longer lecture – link below), brings British photojournalist Charlie Hamilton James to share some interesting anecdotes from the field about photographing the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem for the 2016 May issue of National Geographic magazine

Who sends a British photojournalist to do a shoot in the mid of Yellowstone? well apparently national geographic did. Hamilton James has a keen eye and a lot of experience in shooting fresh water animals which was actually important for the magazine. The problem – they wanted to shoot them in view of an iconic landscape – how can you get an underwater animal in view of a known landscape – well Hamilton James did find an interesting way of doing just that.

He shot a beaver when half the image is underwater and half on land – this is a complex shot (probably taken with a fisheye lens partly underwater) but the result is pretty amazing.

You can watch the full Hamilton James lecture entitled “A Photographer Tackles America’s Wild Landscapes” on the NG’s website.

Bonus video: Hamilton James on Vultures: Photographing the Antiheroes of Our Ecosystems


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Iddo Genuth
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