Jimmy Chin: Climbing Yosemite

Photographer and mountain climber Jimmy Chin gave this talk about his National Geographic project to capture the amazing climbing sub culture around Yosemite back in 2011.

Chin, who traveled the world searching for ideal climbing and photography locations for years, pitched the idea to NG and got their approval to do an in-depth cover story looking at the different aspects of the lives of the climbers who risk everything for a few moments at the top.

Free solo climber Alex Honnold on the “thank god ledge”, Yosemite (Image: Jimmy Chin/NG)jimmy-chin-Alex-Honnold

In the lecture Chin mentioned  free solo mountain climber free solo Alex Honnold – considered by many to be the best in his field. We recently published a video of photographer Michael Muller shooting Honnold here on LensVid.

You can watch more videos of interesting photographers on our photographer section here on LensVid.

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