Cory Richards: Pushing the Boundaries of Adventure

National Geographic Photographer Cory Richards is not just an accomplished photographer but also an amazing story teller. On this National Geographic Live! lecture he talks about how pushing your boundaries as a storyteller can be a strong motivator in your career.

Richards is one of those photographers who keeps looking for the most remote places on earth, the most challenging stories and the almost impossible challenges to keep him driven. We have seen that on two of his previous videos here on LensVid – “A Tribute to Discomfort” and his amazing lecture “How Far Will You Go for an Picture?” which we still feel is one of the best we ever published.

We have covered dozens of talented National Geographic photographers who told their stories on video looking at some of the most remote places on earth and some of the most personal and heartwarming human stories as well many who dedicate their lives to nature and preserving wildlife across the globe. Still, Richards is one of the greatest speakers in this amazing series (and this video is an example of how important a clear sound is important for a lecture recording).

You can watch more videos of interesting photographers on our photographer section here on LensVid. You can find more amazing videos from National Geographic Live! on our dedicated page.

Iddo Genuth
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