Creating the Universe in 8K with Canon 5DS

Using the new Canon 5DS 50.6 Mega Pixel camera filmmaker Joey Shanks created an entire DIY “universe” out of soap, milk and a few drops of food coloring and captured it all as an unbelievable 8K video.

It is almost hard to believe but what you see above (which we are hoping that you have watched in full screen with the highest resolution your machine lets you), is just a mix of a few liquids, but this is exactly what it is. The 5DS used to capture this video actually shoots in a resolution of 8688 X 5792 which had to scale down to 89% to fit the 8K aspect ratio of 7680 X 4320.

Shanks shot image sequences with the “high speed continuous mode” at about 2-4 frames per second (the 5DS doesn’t go much more above that) and combined them to a full timelapse video which when compressed (as an 8K video) resulted in a 14GB size movie (not too bad for almost 4 min of super high res video).

Shanks had already massed around with petri dishes and liquids in the past – as you can see in this PBS video on Perti Dish planets which shows a bit more of this beautiful liquid process:


Shanks and a team is working to make a full “CREATING THE COSMOS” 8K film made for IMAX, Giant Screen, and Dome / Planetarium theatres which can really help bring the amazing details and resolution of their work to light (as almost nobody these days has an 8K display at hand).
You can find out more on Shanks and the CREATING THE COSMOS project on his website.

You can find more interesting timelapse videos on our timelapse section here on LensVid.

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