John Stanmeyer: Capturing Sacred Water Around the World

Water is the source of life but it is also part of many religious rituals around the world. on this short yet mesmerizing video, National Geographic photographer John Stanmeyer talks about capturing images of sacred water sites around the world, from Mexico to India.

Stanmeyer has been travelling the globe looking for unique stories that relates to different cultures and societies and the things that makes us a single spices (both the good and the bad). The project he is talking about in the video above has been looking at water as a center part of rituals of different cultures across the globe.

One of the stories that Stanmeyer was involved in was capturing the “face” of the world food crisis looking at 9 different countries. What many of us are not aware of is that our food is all connected – a natural catastrophe in one place on the globe can effect many others and that if we don’t take more care of what we are doing to the planet we might see more and more of these catastrophes effecting larger and larger parts of the globe.

An interview with Stanmeyer who talks about the enormous work behind the projects he makes for National Geographic


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