Paul Zizka: INDLANDSIS – a Journey to a Frozen Land

Canadian photographer Paul Zizka travelled to Greenland to capture the majesty of the big white island and with the help of photographer Mathieu Le Lay created this short film covering his unique experience.

Zizka talks about his inspiration and what drew him to capture the island, about being all alone in the vast empty space of a frozen land without any connection to the outside world.

Besides the magnificent landscapes what particularly striked us was the dangers of the Greenland frozen land – there seems to be endless number of deep craters where a man can easily fall and not survive. The ice on some of the places is cracked and could easily brake if you miss step and all of that is besides the freezing temperatures and lack of general orientation (there are rarely any landmarks and if you loose your GPS you might be in a real trouble.

Dangerous not withstanding – that visual impact of the place is astounding and you can check out more on Zizka’s website.

This isn’t the first video of a journey to a frozen land that we are covering here. In the past we posted photographer’s Tim Kemple inspiring journey to Iceland as well as Vincent Munie – White Wolves in the Arctic.

You can watch more profiles and amazing photographers of on our photographer’s section here on LensVid.

VIA: fstoppers.

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