Renee Robyn: Stretching the Boundaries of imagination

Sometimes amazing things come out of tragic events. This is exactly what happened to photographer and artist Renee Robyn who went through a motorcycle crash which almost killed her and left her immobile for a long time which only helped to set her mind free.

Faced with  such a terrible event and injury could have made almost anybody focus on self pity or at least entirely on physical recovery, however Canadian artist Renee Robyn is made out of a different “material” than most people and while her body was immobile, her mind was set free by her accident.

On this bountiful and inspiring SmugMug video she tells her story with words and images – most of them are composites made by images she captured and post processed by her in Photoshop. This started as part of her limitation following the accident when she could not go to all those amazing location for sessions but it became part of her signature – and what an amazing part, with a unique style and dream-like quality.

If you think that her accident made her quit her bike riding – think again. Robyn not only continues to ride but she actually fixed her crashed bike and using it again – stating that riding is as close as she can get to flying – well, for us her images and art surly give this feeling.

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Iddo Genuth
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