A Brief History of Photography

The guys at COOPH reference posted a video trying to cover the development of photography in only 5 min from camera obscura to the modern digital camera.

Did you know that Aristotle had a hand on the early development of the technology behind your iPhone camera?  well, this might be a bit a a starch to be honest but the history of photography is long and complex and many individuals contributed their own unique parts.

While the world first photo was taken in 1826 it required quite a bit of technological background to make it happen. This first image required an exposure which took several days. Two decades later photography was more common and by the end of the century the roll film was invented which moved the  mass market photography a step forward it took another half a century to come up with the first SLR camera and the digital camera was (sort of) introduced in the mid 1970’s but only really started reaching the market two and a half decades later.

COOPH are mostly known for having really cool DIY videos. Last year we published many of their videos including 7 Cool and Funky Photography Tips, “6 Cool DIY Photography Gifts that You Can Make Yourself“, 7 Simple DIY Hacks that Will Help you Improve Your Photography and just before that 7 DIY Photography Tips – Using Inexpensive Household Objects – both of which we highly recommend if you are into DIY and photography. More recently we published their video entitled “Tips for Shooting “The Elements””.

You can find more cool COOPH cool video on this subsection of LensVid and if you are into photography technology (and history) check out our photo-tech section here on LensVid.

Iddo Genuth
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