Tips for Shooting “The Elements”

The guys at COOPH are doing it again and this time around they have 7 tips/tricks and just general fun ways to take some cool pictures with what they call “the elements” using the new Leica X-U waterproof camera announced today.

So Leica announced earlier today a new version of its X camera (16MP APS-C sensor mirrorless camera with no viewfinder and a build in 23mm f/1.7 lens) called the X-U. It can function up to 15 meters underwater and can stand a 1.2 meter fall – pretty impressive for such a large sensor camera.

They guys from COOPH (an international photography group) decided to do a cool video around this camera with some cool ideas for shooting:1

  1. Powder (sort of like earth) – just blow it into the camera.
  2. Ice (well ice cubes at least) – cool shooting with a mirror.
  3. Fire (have a fire extinguisher near by) – lighter fluid and a mirror
  4. Water – find a little puddle and dip your (waterproof camera) just a little bit.
  5. Wind – this is more like fast turning buy use a merry go round and shoot with a tripod on it.
  6. Bubbles – these are always cool in photographs.
  7. Sparks – Use steelwool with an egg wisk and light it – again be careful and have a fire extinguisher near by.
  8. Under water selfie – hi guys you have already done water!

If you were wondering, the X-U will cost just under $3000.

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