ChargeAll Gives you the Ultimate Portable Power Outlet

If you hate it whenever your laptop, camera battery or even flash batteries keeps dying at the most inconvenient times just when you need them the most and there is no outlet near by? a super powerful battery is promising a small AC plug that you can carry with you anywhere.

There are many external battery packs out there that you can use to charge your smartphone, tablet or any other USB powered device. However if you are looking for a small portable power pack that you can carry with you anywhere that allows you to charge both USB and larger devices which require AC power you would have a harder time finding a solution.

Enters ChargeAll – a portable battery which comes in two sizes that has not only a USB socket but a 110w AC wall plug outlet. The unit is relatively small – about the size of a iPhone 6 plus (but thicker) and has LED indicator lights to show you how much power is left in the pack. The larger version is 50% more powerful than the small version, the small version can charge your iPhone 8 times, your Mackbook pro twice and even run a small TV for about 4 hours. The larger version (with 18,000 mAh) can charge your iPhone 11 times and your Mackbook Pro 3 times.

ChargeAll – Outlet when you need it


ChargeAll’s portable charger was a crowdfunded project which attracted quite a bit of attention and was able to raise over $365k on indiegogo and is now selling the products on its store (the company also makes different types of charging stations). The smaller version of the  ChargeAll portable charger cost $200 while the larger, more powerful version cost $230 (both are available at the ChargeAll website).

If you are into advanced external batteries for photography gear – make sure you check out the BatteryBox which promises to keep your Macbook that working all day, the Switronix Powerbase 70 Battery System for extra long battery life for your camera and a first look at the upcoming Atomos Power station which is a smart advanced battery unit (and charger) for your camera.

It won’t make you dinner but it will power almost anything around


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