Desklab Portable 4K Touchscreen Monitor Large portable 4K touch monitor

Having a portable high-resolution monitor can be extremely useful and the new Desklab Kickstarter project is not just a light, large 4K monitor it also supports touch capabilities making it even more useful on the go.

A few years back we covered the GeChic 1102H 11.6″ monitor which had some useful uses for photographers and videographers in our view. However, since then the industry advanced considerably and we can now have for about the same price a 15″ 4K touch screen with some very advanced connectors and powering options.

So what are the main features of the new Desklab? besides the 15″ 4K resolution and touch capabilities this monitor has a multitude of connecting options including dual USB-C, a single micro USB, HDMI, and 3.5mm port.

This array of connectors should allow users to connect the Desklab either directly to a camera (much smaller and lighter than taking your laptop with you and it is only 0.23 inch thick – less than an iPad mini), or to a computer as a secondary monitor for editing on the go.

One more interesting feature of this monitor which might be very useful in some situations is the ability of the monitor to be powered using USB-PD which means that it can be powered using an external USB-C battery (with PD capabilities).

The Desklab with a stand – can be useful for photographers 

The Desklab has been doing exceedingly well on Kickstarter raising almost $400,000 so far with 3 weeks to go it comes in 2 variants (FHD and 4K) and is currently offered at a price of $195 and $325 respectively (you can find more info on the desklabmonitor website).

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