FlameStower: Charge Your Camera with Fire

If you love to go on camping trips and want to charge your mobile phone, tablet, battery charger or even camera there is a new solution on the way which can do that anywhere day or night and all you need to do is light a little fire and have a few drops of water.

The founders of FlameStower – Andy and Adam developed the innovative charger in their garage during their time off grad school. The FlameStower efficiently captures excess heat from a gas burner or campfire to charge almost any USB-powered device: cell phones, GPS units and even cameras (Samsung cameras, several Sony, Kodak and other cameras can be charged using USB).
The FlameStower in action charging your mobile phone (each minute of charge will give you 3 minutes of talk time).

The FlameStower is currently up on kickstarter and looking for backing (it already raised the goal of $15k and is now over $24k and counting). If you want one you can back it up for about $80.

We are actually interested to see if the initial success will have the guys go back to the drawing board and design a larger version which can charge bigger devices such as laptops and camera battery chargers which currently can’t be charged with the FlameStower.

If you are more of a DIY type of person you can create your own fire charger – like this guy did:


Via: TFOT.

Iddo Genuth
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  1. So you couldn’t actually credit Kip Kay? I love that you linked to his video, but really you just called him “this guy”?

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