GoPro Hero 6 v.s. Yi 4K Plus v.s. Sony FDR-X3000

Photographer Dave Dugdale published an interesting video today looking at the new GoPro Hero compared to the Yi 4K plus action camera and at least in part also to the Sony FDR-X3000 action cam.

We have covered the announcement of the Hero 6 just a few weeks ago here and now we start getting interesting comparisons like this one which looks at image stabilization, image quality at different resolutions colors and more.

In general, Dugdale’s conclusions are as follows – the new GoPro is better than the Yi 4K in terms of image stabilization (although not as good as the amazing optical IS in the Sony), the image quality in 4K is a bit better than the Yi 4K but the Yi 4K is better at 2.7K. On the other hand, colors look better on the GoPro (although they can be a bit oversaturated at times).

In terms of noise – the Yi 4K looks much better (low light indoors) but the GoPro is definitely tuned for outdoor work and if this is what you are shooting for the most part – you should certainly consider it.

One thing which Dugdale didn’t really cover and we find to be very important is the dynamic range of the Hero 6 which seems to be significantly better than the previous models and possibly also better than the Yi 4K. Just take a look at the skies in some of the footage that he published (it is actually more clear when compared to older GoPro cameras.

The new Hero 6 sells for $500 while the Yi 4K (we are talking about the newer Yi 4K plus with 4K @60p) sells for $340.

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Iddo Genuth
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