Hover Camera – a 4K Flying Cam that can Follow You on Its Own

We have seen dozens of drones with different capabilities in recent years, however if you are still looking for something that can track you around without need for too much hands on action. Now a Chinese startup developed an extremely portable, super lightweight hovering camera that uses AI to track you around.

It is very hard to really get a feel of a complex new product from a promotional video alone, but at face value the new hover camera has a lot of potential for users who want to film themselves just walking around or preforming activities without a dedicated camera person to shoot them.

This can be a low cost and very interesting solution, however there are many open questions which we could only answer by testing the unit – such as battery life, how noisy the drone really is (if it is noisy it might not be good for interviews and can only be used for b-roll shots), how stable it really is on the move or when hovering, how good is the image quality and more.

The foldable hover camera

Hover Camera folded on White

Here are some specs that we do know about:

  • Camera: 13MP stills and 4K video (electronically stabilized).
  • Flying: Self follow feature based on facial recognition.
  • Structure foldable, enclosed rotors.
  • Material – carbon fiber structure.
  • Other features: automatic panorama, stable hover.
  • Weigh: less than 250 grams (does not require to register with the FAA).
  • Size – 18cm x 13cm 3cm.
  • Price: should be under $600 be available.

More info and pre-order on the hover camera website.

Hover camera open

Hover Camera on White

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