LensRacks – The Perfect Gear Storage System

If your photography gear is all over the place? a new kickstarter project aims to help you organize your equipment in a cool and personalized way.

Brian, Hubert and Ron from Vancouver, Canada came up with a really smart way of storing photography gear based on a rail system and special adapters that can hold lenses (Canon/Nikon), cameras, flashes and more or less any equipment that has a 1/4-20 connector.


The sliders can be purchased in kits (1,2 or 3 can be hooked up together for up to 15 items). The LensRacks can help you switch lenses quickly without messing too much with caps. The only thing you will need is to find a place to put the LensRack itself as it takes much more space than the actual hear when it is packed tightly.


If you are interested you can grab yourself one starting at $25 for a single rail on Kickstarter.


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