LensVid Exclusive: Gitzo New Tripods and Monopods – Photokina 2016

During Photokina 2016 Gitzo revealed a number of new tripods and monopods and we had a chance to get a demonstration for the company’s tripod product manager who showed us some of the new models.

As we have noted in our previous video on Manfrotto’s new tripods/monopods from Photokina, We are still in the middle of our tripods and heads review series here on LensVid (to be continued soon after we will complete our post Photokina 2016 coverage in a few days) but it was very interesting to see some of the new models Gitzo had inline for this year (some of which we will be testing later on in the series).

Gitzo had two main innovations in Photokina this year. The first was an updated line of its high end Systematic tripods and the other is an updated line of monopods.

The new Systematic range is said to be more stable and stronger with what Gitzo refers to as Carbon eXact leg tubing and new locking mechanisms for the leg sections. One of the more noticiable features of the new Systematic are the larger feet to prevent slipping and allowing the tripod to work better on uneven ground. Also new are the G-lock Ultra clamps that Gitzo says are quicker and easier to use to open and close the tripod legs. Another feature which we really liked is the addition of the Easy Link attachment, a 3/8” thread that allows an array of photography accessories (lights, tablets, sound recorders and more to be attached.

One of the new Gitzo Systematic tripods – notice the Easy Link connection on the side


Gitzo also introduced a new line of improved monopods also now come with the improved Carbon eXact tubes, have new G-lock Ultra leg locksand new big feet for extra support for larger lenses and more stability.

The new Systematic line will be priced at (starting from) $800 and the new monopods from $320.

This video is just one of over 20 videos and interviews that we took during the show (many more to come in the next days and weeks) and you can find them on our special channel on Youtube and on this link on LensVid.

Full disclosure: Manforotto was our sponsors for Photokina 2016.

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