MIOPS Smartphone Controllable High Speed Camera Trigger

There is a new smart camera trigger in town and its name is MIOPS. The new trigger is currently a kickstarter project and it has a full list of interesting features.

We have seen our fair share of camera/flash triggers here on LensVid and there have been many such projects on Kickstarter as well – the MIOPS seems to be a bit more mature than most of them.

The MIOPS with its iOS app


Here are some of the features of the MIOPS trigger:

  • Light – triggers the camera when a lighting or other strong light appears.
  • Laser – with the MIOPS built in laser light any object (for example animal) which passes the laser beam triggers the camera.
  • Sound – the MIOPS can trigger your flash in a dark room (in bulb mode) to capture very fast events such as exploding balloon.
  • External port – allows you to connect additional sensors such as temperature, pressure and humidity to trigger your camera/flash.
  • Timelapse – its not just the sensors – its also the unit itself which allows you to create different settings for timelapse photography.
  • HDR – as with timelapse mode – here two the unit can help you create different HDR images.

The MIOPS already received its goal amount of money on Kickstarter ($75k and it still has almost 40 days to go). The unit comes in two versions – one without mobile app support (around $190) and one with mobile support (around $230). Currently there is only support for iOS devices but the developers (which also developed a similar previous project called NeroTrigger) have promised an Android support soon (update from the developers: Android app will be ready by the shipment of first batch that will happen on December 2014). You can find out more on the project Kickstarter project page.

Water balloon around a model’s neck shot with the MIOPS 


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A few more images taken with the MIOPS 


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